Thursday, March 29, 2012

10 More Super Funny Statuses Update

  1. Don't you love it when the people you hate at school/work walk into your fist accidently. I do.
  2. I can always tell someone hates me within the first 5 seconds of them repeatedly punching me in the face.
  3. I have a job as a stone collecter... It rocks.
  4. I don't understand. At work I post funny jokes on the wall, and my boss doesn't laugh.
  5. Here's a spoiler to the movie Titanic... IT SINKS!!!
  6. I don't stalk, I just observe behind that rock... Hey that rhymes!
  7. I live by a code 1) Never forget anything. 2) ....What was I talking about?...
  8. I am the fastset tpyyer in teh wroold...... FAIL!
  9. Look left ----------------> you failed...
  10. Wanna hear a joke about procrastination... Nevermind, I'll tell you later...

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