Monday, April 16, 2012

Funny Facebook Update

  1. This just in... The energizer bunny has been arrested. Police say he's been charged with domestic battery.
  2. Very, very sleepy... I'm going to beeeee........
  3. Friend 1-"Hey buddy can I use your phone to call my mom." Friend 2-"Sure thing Pal." Friend 1-"Thanks." *Starts dialing* Friend 2-"That won't be necessary, she's on speeddial."
  4. 2010-Silly Bandz, 2011-Planking is the bomb, 2012-"Hey everybody try the cinnamon challenge."
  5. *Status removed by Facebook Secret Police*
  6. No Shirt, No Service. Nobody said anything about pants.
  7. Whenever I'm about to go through an intersection I hit a red light.
  8. When was the last time I gave a crap. Who cares...
  9. Anyone up for Sea World Fishin?
  10. Washing your hands, and then out of nowhere your rolled up sleeves slide back down.

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